• Blog (at least) 5 specific ideas for each of the above areas that are relevant to your productions.


Digital technology

Camera work – Nikon and Handicam

Final cut pro/express – changes in programmes over the last two years

Zoom H14 (sound)

Social media – Research into media conventions and genre conventions regarding target audiences, able to collaborate

Green screen – An Apple A Day, researching how to use, not in final edit

Audionetwork – music for both projects

Research & planning

Use of internet – searching for conventions (An Apple A Day, The Promise), researching target audience

WriterDuet, sharing and collaboration

Social media


Post production


Social media for feedback on final edit

Real media texts 

conforming to audience expectations

characters similar to other films

conventions of comedy/thriller genre



Planning process- technology allowed sharing and collaboration with work

Drawing on experiences from 1st project to improve planning in A2

Meeting / subverting genre and audience expectations


Section A – Theoretical Evaluation of Production – 2 questions; 30 minutes (and 25 marks) each; answer both.

Section B – Contemporary Media Issues – loads of questions but you have a choice of two from Contemporary Media Regulation; 1 hour (and 50 marks); answer one.

Section A – Question 1a

In question 1(a) you need to write about your work for the Foundation Portfolio and Advanced Portfolio units and you may refer to other media production work you have undertaken.

You will be asked to describe and evaluate your skills development in one of the following areas:

  • Digital Technology
  • Creativity
  • Research and planning
  • Post-production
  • Using conventions from real media texts


  • Blog (at least) 5 specific ideas for each of the above areas that are relevant to your productions.


  • Get geeky. Go nuts with the technical detail…

Section A – Question 1b

In question 1(b) you must write about one of your media productions.

You will be asked to select one production and evaluate it in relation to one of the following media concepts:

  • Genre
  • Narrative
  • Representation
  • Audience
  • Media language


  • Blog (at least) 3 specific ideas for each of the above areas that are relevant to your chosen production.

Here’s some stuff:


Section B – Question 2

Whichever question you answer, you must:

  • Refer to two media areas: films and video games.
  • Remember to cover pastpresent, and future.
  • Provide (at least) two detailed case studies for each media area.
  • Use terminology accurately.
  • Incorporate (at least) two relevant media theories into your answer.


  • Blog a list of all the PAST EXAM QUESTIONS and group them according to topic.
  • Blog how your would apply two media theories to each of the above topic areas.
  • Make a final decision about the case studies you will use and blog about each of these in relation to the above topic areas.


  • You know this already, but it’s worth repeating: you must know your case studies inside-out. Spend time making sure you do!

Esssssay Plan

My question:

How effectively can contemporary media regulation be regulated? 



  • What is media regulation?
  • The difference between BBFC and PEGI


  • Previous media regulation
  • Video games initially considered unnecessary to regulate but as they became more realistic and immersive, they became more influential
  • Byron Theory – video games influential over young children
  • BBFC able to set guidelines to prohibit children from seeing high-age rated films


  • Now films available over the internet – no prohibition of films
  • Serbian Film – Rejected by BBFC and not released in cinemas, available online
  • GTA – available for download on Steam, bought by parents
  • Leeds Teacher stabbing, killer known to be playing Grand Theft Auto
  • Call of Duty – in Japan, the game was modified to give a ‘Game Over’ if the player was to shoot a civilian