Writing a script

Definitely not as straightforward as it sounds. With the huge amount of scripts either declined or merely ignored throughout the world each year, it’s an absolute must to begin a script with the potential to peak interests.

http://www.raindance.org/7-rules-for-writing-short-films-2/ gave a lot of help to Ocean and I when beginning to piece together a possibly script as well as Wiki How http://www.wikihow.com/Write-an-Effective-Screenplay-for-a-Short-Film is also useful when dealing with script writing.

In order for our script to appear potentially successful, I researched on the internet for scripts of previous hollywood blockbusters. We found that they all consisted of the same page layout – something we must also do if we wanted our film’s own script to be taken seriously.

script ps 1

script ps 2

This is the first draft of our film’s opening scene. Although our director’s premise is to use as much improvisation as we can and some lines will inevitably change, the script allows us a starting point for which to begin our initial filming. How exciting! Also, it should be noted that Ocean and I decided not to give our characters definite names as we wanted all roles portrayed within the film to be universal, so anyone can relate. So therefore, throughout the script, only articles such as ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ will be used.


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